AFFIX PARTNERS works with fundraising both in Brazil and abroad. We perform detailed reviews, analysis and financial modeling for every project we undertake. We access financial institutions, private equity funds, family offices, venture capital companies and strategic investors in order to obtain the best capital structure for the project’s viability.
AFFIX PARTNERS analyzes and potentially invests in companies through private placements in Brazil and abroad.


Mergers and acquisitions can bring a host of benefits including increasing the value of the companies involved, solving financial problems, providing liquidity to shareholders and resolving succession issues.
Affix Partners is involved at every stage of a merger or acquisition process, guiding the company through the following steps:

  • Analysis of the company, its operations and financial statements
  • Company Valuation
  • In some cases, at this point there may be possibilities for adjustments and improvements in operations that may be made prior to sale or considered in the valuation
  • Production of a teaser and memo of offer
  • Identification of potential investors worldwide
  • Approaching investors and presenting opportunity
  • Negotiation and control of the process
  • Due diligence follow-up (audit)
  • Monitoring the drafting of a contract
  • Monitoring the completion of the operation

AFFIX PARTNERS prospects, identifies and proposes energy efficiency and energy supply solutions from renewable sources that result in effective energy cost savings in accordance with environmental conservation guidelines.
Together with technical partners and investors, we define and present the best energy solution and economic and financial options to guarantee the viability of the project through long-term financing or through the use of the client’s own resources or through investors willing to contribute up to 100% of the investment required for the implementation and operation of the Power Generation Center.
AFFIX PARTNERS works with debt and equity operations in sanitation projects with major companies in the sector.